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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
409B Colorado Street, Austin, Texas
(512) 867-1839

(Austin, TX) - Rock Opera, a comedic tale of the underground Austin music scene, will have its theatrical world premiere on Friday, September 3rd at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, located at 409 Colorado Street. The event will feature two screenings: the first will kick off at 7:00PM with live music from Voltage and the 9:30PM screening will feature the Pocket FishRmen, the bands will play a half hour set and the movie will follow. Guest speaker Richard Linklater will introduce the film's writer-director, Bob Ray. Immediately after the each screening there will be a short Q & A with the cast and crew. Rock Opera is Austin filmmaker Bob Ray‚s debut feature The screening is sponsored by the Austin Cinemaker Co-op and co-sponsored by the Austin Film Society.

Rock Opera premiered at the 1999 South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW), and according to SXSW organizers, "Rock Opera could very well be the consummate SXSW film. Never before has the underground Austin music scene been brought to such glorious, pot-reeking life [Rock Opera] possesses that delicious sense of the absurd for which so many indie films strive but very few achieve. Rock Opera could very well be the next Austin film to inherit the low-budget crown worn by Slacker and El Mariachi."

Marc Savlov of The Austin Chronicle writes, "At once sublimely accurate in its portrayal of the creepier end of the Austin music scene and scathingly hilarious, Ray's film is a spot-on quasi-parody of the day-to-day existence of struggling Austin musicians and their wayward ways."

Austin 360's Grant Tait writes, "Drugs, rock 'n' roll and a brief nod to sex (toys). Violence, guns, foul language and deadbeat slacking. All take front stage. So it's no real surprise that this flick is so bloody funny( If you're not easily offended, this definitely should be somewhere near the top of your to-view list."

Rock Opera tells the story of Toe, a local musician who struggles endlessly to put a tour together for his band. Toe will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, including betraying his friends and becoming an unwilling player in shady drug deals gone bad.

Rock Opera was shot entirely in Austin and utilizes some of Austin‚s most infamous bands. The score was composed by Kurtis D. Machler (local musician, composer, engineer, and producer) and 16 Deluxe and the soundtrack includes several bands that define the Austin music scene including the Pocket FishRmen, Voltage, Ed Hall, El Flaco, the Crackpipes, Tallboy, Squat Thrust, Cherubs, the Phantom Creeps, Antebellum, Honky, El Insecto, Horseshit Gunfire, Pong and more. Live performances by the Fuckemos, Pigpoke, Witchbanger, and the only Grammy nominated, fire breathing, non-Austin band in the film, Nashville Pussy showcase the gritty punk rock underbelly of the "live music capital of the world."

The film was shot during the hottest Texas summer ever recorded and came to life with the aid of the local film community, the Austin music scene and many clubs (the Continental, Ginny's Little Longhorn, the Texas Showdown, the Bates Motel), stores (Scott's Pawn, Sugar & Spice, East 1st Laundry, Pleasureland), and homeowners around town.

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