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Pocket FishRmen

Review from The Austin Chronicle

Pocket FishRmen
Heroes of Modern Perversion

Throughout their decade or so of existence, the most daunting challenge for the Pocket FishRmen (aside from the inevitable personnel changes) has been to somehow transpose the adrenal rush of their live shows onto an album without the benefit of Eddie Kramer or Jimmy Iovine at the board. Although you'll still miss the sight of Brant Bingamon in disco ball bikini briefs, Heroes of Modern Perversion comes very close to approximating the band's many live charms. The raw, echoing production goes a long way toward giving the FishRmen that bigger-than-life sound they deserve. And who can argue with the song selection? Purists may give the band grief for resurrecting older material like "Amy Carter" and "The Leader Is Burning," but it's not like those songs got their just due the first time around. Besides, the classics segue quite nicely into powerful new material like the "Closer to Home"-style epic, "Gay Jew Conquistador Trilogy," and the painfully real acoustic interlude, "Cry Me a River That Leads to Your Pussy." Heroes of Modern Perversion may be an album-long dick joke, but with Bingamon at the lyrical helm, you're getting a twisted Eastern intellectual cum revolutionary brand of dick joke that Noam Chomsky might tell if he did stand-up. This is a barrel of lurid punk rock fun that is sure to ring sweetly in the ears of enlightened minds congregated in the gutter. (3.5 stars) -- Greg Beets

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"Amy Carter" 7", Electric Lord, `87
"Leader Is Burning" 7", Noiseville, `88
"Sodom & Gomorrah" 7", 50 Skadillion Watts, `90
"Fantasy Elevator Ride" 7", Over & Out, `92
Future Gods of Rock CD, Austin Throwdown/Sector 2, `95

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