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Rock Opera CD Now Available

Rock Opera CD Now Available at Austin Area Stores and via the internet The Rock Opera soundtrack is available at these fine Austin area record stores: 33 Degrees, Sound Exchange, Waterloo, ABCDs, and Tower Records. The soundtrack is available on the Rock Opera merchandise page.

Just in time for x-mass, it's what all good little rockers want stuffed up their stocking. The CD features 74 minutes of Austin's finest rock & roll bands, such as the likes of Honky. Ed Hall, Butthole Surfers, Cherubs, Pocket FishRmen, Voltage, Fuckemos, El Insecto, The Titz, Horseshit Gunfire, Nashville Pussy (the only non-Austin band in the flick), Pong, Squat Thrust, Tallboy, PigPoke, El Flaco, The Crack Pipes and a boat load more.

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