Texas style drug dealing, double crossing, ass rocking fun...
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This a'int no freakin' musical.

From Austin, “The Live Music Capital of the World” Texas comes Rock Opera, a hilariously raucous and seedy tale of drug fueled rock and roll debauchery. Rock Opera sets a fictional tale of double crossing drug deals in Austin’s real life underground music and drug scene.

Filled with great Austin bands and local scenesters, the story unfolds with Toe’s half-assed attempts to fund a road trip for his band PigPoke by selling marijuana. Rock Opera was written and directed by local Austin filmmaker and musician Bob Ray and according to Bob is “a true story that could have happened.”

Rock Opera starts off as a rambunctious stoner comedy and turns into a tense and action packed thriller as we follow Toe’s exploits through ramshackle houses, punk dives and backwater towns as he frantically scrambles to get his band on the road. A series of mishaps and dimwitted double crosses puts Toe in peril and he struggles to keep his head above bong water as chaos chases him to the frenzied climax.

Rock Opera features live performances by Nashville Pussy, Fuckemos, PigPoke, and Witchbanger, plus the music of Butthole Surfers, Fuckemos, Ed Hall, Cherubs, Phantom Creeps, El Flaco, Honky, Tallboy, Los Pinkeys, Titz, The Crack Pipes, Antebellum, Voltage, Squat Thrust, Pong, El Insecto, and an original score by 16 Deluxe.

“I like Rock Opera a lot. If every pot user out there goes to see Rock Opera, I think you’ll have sa hit on your hands.” --Richard Linklater, director of Slacker, Dazed & Confused, Waking Life

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