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Austin, Texas. Throw a rock in this town and you'll hit half a dozen musicians. Theyāre are a dime-bag a dozen in "The Live Music Capital of the World." Toe (Jerry Don Clark), a punk rocker and local loser, is trying to make it in the Austin underground music scene. His band PigPoke attracts upwards of four people a show, but Toe has a plan, a grand scheme for fame and glory. What PigPoke needs, Toe figures, is to do a tour. To get out of town, take the music to the road and return home as conquering heroes.

The main problem seems to be a sever lack of cash. Toe's truck needs repair, then thereās gas, beer, food, lodging, beer, condiments, weed and all other kinds of necessities. Toe, in top form, schemes up a plan to raise the money needed for the tour. Heāll simply become a marijuana merchant. How easy is this job? Buy low, sell high and put the weed in little baggies in-between. Sounds simple enough, and things start off fairly smooth. But Toe soon learns that having pocket cash is more than the habitually irresponsible can handle.

Strapped of cash and silver tongue a wiggling, Toe tries to convince his supplier Jarvis (Paul Wright) to front him some weed. Toe pleads a heavy case and Jarvis eventually agrees to a deal. Two conditions: the weed will cost extra, and Jarvis wants the money by eight oāclock, tonight. Toe agrees and heās back in business. Cue pimp music.

Later that night, Toe sells pot to a friend named Stu (Steve Gurvich). Stu offers Toe some big-game tranquilizer, and a short dose later, Toe finds himself driving down an old country road. Lights in the sky distract him. His truck dies. Toe staggers down the road, the lights flash and blur his mind is unclear, "Is that a UFO?"

Toe wakes up the next day, cooking under the sizzling Texas sun. He finds his stuff strewn about the road and soon realizes that heās been liberated of all his cash. Toe staggers back to his truck that wonāt start, and reluctantly walks to Jarvis's house where he figures that he can somehow squirm his way out of the predicament.

Toe is greeted with a knuckle sandwich and a short stack of slaps as Jarvis lets off a little steam. A call from Jarvisās supplier Paco (Luis Olmeda) interrupts the onslaught of slaps that Toeās being fed. Paco says that the shipment Jarvis has been waiting on has arrived and it needs to be picked up tonight, in Del Rio.

Jarvis, in a bind and way behind for his drug abuse education class, is looking to make a deal. He schemes to have Toe make the trip down to Del Rio for the pick up. When Toe gets back to town and produces the dope, the debt will be called off.

Toe discovers that Del Rio ain't all flowers and lollipops. He meets up with a couple of hard-ass thugs and the shit hits the fan in the form of an ass whipping, throat slashing, gun shooting, car crashing ball of chaos that tails Toe back to Austin and continues until the frantic end.

Rock Opera mixes fictional tales with stories based on real events and mock bands with bona fide local acts. It's a true story that might have happened.

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