The Down Side is the twisted story of how a violent hippie, a couple of pawn shop workers, a smuggler chick, a soldier of fortune & his sex pot girlfriend, a 43 year old slacker and his dog beg, borrow, steal, double cross and fight one another to get their hands on Jimi Hendrix’s long lost last recordings.

The Down Side is a feature length script for a tension packed dark comedy-caper flick about greed, trust, betrayal and lust that interweaves several stories into a tight mesh of double crossing caper action.

The Down Side script has the Slamdance Film Festival saying:
“Hilarious and gut wrenching.”
“This script is incredibly engaging from the beginning… pure storytelling genius!”
“If this script hasn’t been passed around Hollywood by now, it would be wise to get it in the hands of an agent who can do just that.”

contact: Bob Ray

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