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Super 8 short comedy February 1997

Sweet Sweetroll's Baadasssss Spin was shot for the Austin Cinemaker Coop's Reel of Fortune Film Festival, a fest of in-camera edited films shot on one roll of Super 8 film. With a borrowed camera, a handful of storyboards, and a few friends, Bob Ray set off on one fine Saturday in February of 1997 to shoot the film. A few hours later, it was in the can, or the box, as is the case in Super 8. The budget including film, processing and shipping totals around $35. It's cheap, easy and inexpensive, so go make your own film!

Sweet Sweetroll's BaadAsssss Spin has screened at the Athens Film Festival, CinemaTexas, the Austin Cinemaker Coop's Reel of Fortune film fest, and The Golden Showers Video Festival. The film was recently featured in Episode 16 of Split Screen, a half-hour magazine format show that airs on the Independent Film Channel. See the following sites for more information:

Grainy Pictures - profile of Split Screen, Episode 16

Independent Film Channel coverage of Split Screen, Episode 16

Austin Film Society, Persistence of Vision, May/June 1998

J.D. Clark
Jim Issacs
Randy Randall
Nicole Wegner
Ted Jarrell

Written, Directed,
and Filmed by:

Bob Ray

Kurtis Machler
Kieth Brady

Barna Kantor
Bob Ray



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