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"Six in Austin" features six distinct stories set in present day Austin and had its World Premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March of 2002. The six segments were made by Kat Candler, Nathan & David Zellner, Gonzo Gonzales, Wyatt & Zach Phillips, Geoff Marslett, and Bob Ray. The film went on to screen at The Dallas Video Festival in April of 2002, before returning to Austin for a one-week run at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Bob Ray's segment, "Wrecked," is a darkly comedic revenge flick that tells the tale of Nathan, an overworked computer programmer with a hyperactive imagination. Amidst the dot com demise, Nathan overhears a list of friends to be laid off by their sleazy dictator-like boss and this propels Nathan into a violent frenzy of hallucination and murder.

"Wrecked" is being released as a short film in October of 2002 and this director's-cut version of its "Six in Austin" counterpart features an additional two minutes of footage that was cut due to time constraints.


Produced by
Anne del Castillo

Associate Producer
Tamara Klindt

Kat Candler
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Geoff Marslett
Wyatt and Zack Phillips
Bob Ray
David and Nathan Zellner

Six in Austin was conceived by Wyatt and Zack Phillips

funding provided, in part, by
Elizabeth Avellán & Robert Rodriguez
Richard Linklater
Guillermo & Lorena del Toro
The Austin Film Society
The City of Austin
under the auspices of the Austin Arts Commission

additional support provided by
Tracy & Grady Gossard
Liberty Bank
Evan & Julia Null Smith



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All rights reserved.

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