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Rock Opera DVD Update

April 12, 2005


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January 7, 2005

DVD Release Date Set!!

Get your grubby paws on the ultra-sweet Rock Opera DVD starting on April 12th (4-12), just in time for your 4-20 party!

GoKart Films

October 27, 2004

Rock Opera DVD deal inked in bongwater
Like a gravity bong from hell, this DVD will blow your brain! That’s a threat and a promise… Problem is, you’ll have to wait until March of 2005 to get your sticky lil’ fingers on it.

The powerhouse team of GoKart Films, Hoverground and Koch Entertainment defeated all others in a heated battle for the Rock Opera DVD rights. The frenzied bidding war allowed us the leverage to demand that all kinds of weird stuff be included on the Rock Opera DVD. Little gems like “The Adventures of Donald Starkland” and “Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell!” and several other kick ass shorts can be found in the jam packed “Old Stupid Shit” section of the DVD.

We’ve got some of those boring audio commentaries that all the kids are into these days. But we messed up again. We went and got all wacky and recorded the Rock Opera Drinking Game by mistake. Eight of the key players in the film gathered and followed these rules while watching the flick:
1. When you hear “Dude,” “Fuck,” or “Man” – you take one drink.
2. When you hear or see a band name – you take a bong hit (then pass the bong (you greedy bastard) so the next person can take a hit when another band name is mentioned).
3. Whenever Toe gets slapped around – you take a shot of booze.

Seconds after recording the drunk game we got the bright idea to record The Stoner Jam Track with Tia Carrera What happened was Austin’s heaviest instrumental combo came in and laid down a blistering 90 minute jam while watching the flick (sorta like The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd thing, but all kick ass and shit).

But wait, there’s more… there are tons of music videos, behind the scenes featurettes, trailers and kick butt short films…


Here’s what we have planned:

The Latest:
Tia Carrera Jam Track:

We recorded this on Monday (Aug. 16, 2004) at fabulous Million Dollar Sound (Thanks Kurtis!). The Tia Carrera jam track will be an optional audio track you can turn on and listen to the awesome sounds of Austin’s heaviest band Tia Carrera as they watch the film and jam along (think of a stoner rock version of The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon). We filmed the band jamming so maybe we can even do a picture-in-picture of the experience.

New Rock Opera Opening Credits
This is how we intended to shoot it, and so here it is… instead of boring black and white opening credits, we have kick ass posters from Austin poster artists Billy Bishop, Rob Gasper, Jared Conner and more.

DVD Extras:
Audio Commentary / Extra Tracks:

-Audio commentary with director Bob Ray and lead actor Jerry Don Clark
-Tia Carrera Jam Track
-Drunk Game Audio Track with Bob Ray, Kurtis D. Machler, Ted Jarrell, Dylan “Chicken” Griffith, Mike G., Tony Linder, Corri Mava, and Rob Gasper
You can play at home by following these rules:
->When you hear “Dude, Fuck,” or “Man” – you take one drink
->When you hear a band name – you take a bong hit (then pass the bong (you greedy bastard) so the next person can take a hit when another band name is mentioned)
->Whenever Toe gets slapped around – you take a shot of booze
Play at your own risk. This game, like the Fuckemos, can kill you

Short films:
The Making of Rock Opera
a short, behind the scenes and interviews piece by Mirrelle Fornengo.
Sweet Sweetroll’s BaadAsssss Spin
the in-camera edited Super 8 film shot for $30 that went on to screen on the Independent Film Channel and Bravo on John Pierson’s show Split/Screen.

Six Pack of Whup Ass
the in-camera edited Super 8 follow up to Sweetroll’s
Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards from Hell!
the neon stained, in-camera edited, stop action zombie flick that has hurt the eyes of those who watched it.

ne of the first filmed and edited shorts with Jerry “Toe” Clark of Rock Opera fame.
a first person, drug induced haze with “Toe” and Ted Jarrell from Rock Opera
The Adventures of Donald Starkland
a drunken and pill induced sci-fi epic featuring Dylan “Chicken” Griffith from Rock Opera.
Cocaine Ninja
an in-camera edited short video featuring Rock Opera’s “Toe,” Ted Jarrell and Rob Gaspen and an original song by “Chicken.”
Chicken and the Banjo
a short, drunken fishing documentary with “Chicken” playing banjo and Bob Ray reeling in an epic perch on a Joe Camel lure.
Basketball Ted
a lesson in backyard basketball featuring Ted Jarrell.
Kurtis D. Machler, Chicken and Carissa on Bob’s answering machine…
Texans in Space
Will Evans’ short documentary featuring the notorious Chad Holt (Tad from Rock Opera) and his band Fruntbutt.

Rock Opera trailer
Hell on Wheels teaser trailer

Music Videos:
Nashville Pussy “Fried Chicken and Coffee”
The Phantom Creeps “Mad Beast Wiggle”
Nashville Pussy “High as Hell”
Fuckemos “Who is My Shman?”
…and maybe even Nashville Pussy “Say Something Nasty”

Okay, that’s a lot of shit… but be patient, we still haven’t signed the contract yet, and when we do, it’ll most likely be very late 2004 or early 2005 before the DVD hits the streets.

If you have clever ideas of other cool stuff to put on the DVD, drop me a line and tell me about it:



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