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7-01-02 photos by beth sams

Bad Girl, Good Woman Productions All-Girl Roller Entertainment co-stars
in new Nashville Pussy video "Say Something Nasty!" directed by Bob Ray

director bob ray talks to the captain of his covert film army about how to keep the roller derby chicks from killing each other!!!!

smokie and jeremy enjoying the calm before the storm.....

these bad girls can't behave

Miss Conduct Laces up her skates

EXTRA EXTRA jeremy thinks this is going to be a GREAT VIDEO


release the hounds!!! release the hounds!!!

everybody was looking over their shoulders!!!

floyd ray will save the day!!!!

a little practice behind the back

a video so kickass, you'll have to see it to believe it!!!!

the holy rollers

Hellcat and hellcat

bellies up. nashville pussy and roller derby KICK ASS

a few of the RHINESTONE COWGIRLS and Looney, BGGW Announcer sucking on a bottle of red wine!

bets were being made....

mom says dad is the wild one

rock n roll and roller derby!!!!! hell yeah!!!

director bob ray and members of his immediate family are lifted above the rowdy crowd

i htink they look alike too

shit was getting rowdy out back

identities were concealed to protect the innocent

rain or shine!!! there will be a video!!!

one big YEEEE-HWA for austin, texas

the drums are ready

2 wrongs make it right

the Hellcats WIN!!!

that's a wrap!!!*$^#*@$#!!!

no rock stars were harmed in the making of this video


WOW! What a fuckin night!
Never have we ever had a night like tonight- standing in a welding shop with Texas sized rain pissing down by biblical proportions locked in a room with dozens of hot chick rollergals beating the shit out of eachother and the audience all while we play Say Something Nasty!

Nashville Pussy has made a video with Bob Ray!!!!
And it's a motherfucker of a video! That was truly the craziest thing we have ever participated in, yet somehow- it seemed like a typical party here in Austin Texas! (but with all the hot chicks ON WHEELS!!) There was a swak of cool dudes too, gambling and a drinkin and a cussing and trying to stay out of the way of the rollergals who definately had ass kickin on their mind!

This has been the high point of the tour- we bid a fond farewell to the Rad boys of NEBULA and their psychedelic jams and to the Stoner rock Jersey boys from Halfway to Gone - both were fabulous on this leg of the tour and we'll miss them getting everyone good and high everynight before we hit the stage for this Keep on Fuckin touring tour. We meet up with The Reverend Horton Heat in Albuquerque NM this Wednesday and trek up the west coast hittin Hootenannies and clubs with the Boys from HONKY from right here in Austin! Then at long last we get to bring the new pussy back to Canada! Finally we get to introduce KatieLynn to my homeland (happy Canada Day and Fourth of July too)

We got to hang out with those up and coming young studs of Pure Rubbish while in Houston- fresh off the MTV plane and out of Sharon Osbourne's arms after backing up Kelly Osbourne' version of Papa Don't Preach on the MTV movie awards- them kids filled our head with stories we're sworn not to repeat but let's just say they did us proud! and looked damn good for just barely legal too! (Evan's still off limits!)

My brain is still swirling with images of rollergirls dancing in my head! I can't wait to see the final video! I can't thank them gals and dudes, and dogs and kids enough who came out to the middle of nowhere to help us film this video, everyone was fantastic (there are some really sleazy dudes here in Austin!) Webmistress Beth will post some stills from the shoot so you can get a sneak preview instead of having to wait til it's on MuchLOUD!! We might even have enough butt in this one to qualify for the BET channel!

Keep On fuckin' y'all- we'll see you on the road!! Come one, come all! - come as often as you can!

xoxoxo Ruyter and Blaine and Jeremy and KatieLynn

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