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15 min.

Based on a true story.
Hillbilly Doomsday is an extremely dark and comedic tale of Texas' first murder of the new millennium.

December 31, 1999, rural East Texas.
With Y2K paranoia at a fevered pitch, two drunken hillbilly brothers hole up in their wooded shack and await the year 2000. The second hand strikes midnight, the power shuts off and suddenly the brothers' nightmarish Y2K fears are realized. Certain that the apocalypse is upon them they hastily formulate a plan to prepare for the bleak and uncompromising future. What follows is the brutally funny, heinously violent and nearly botched murder of their survivalist cousin who they kill in an effort to steal his guns and provisions and to make ready for the new post-apocalyptic world of the future.

Hillbilly Doomsday was shot with a cast of 3 and a crew of 4 in late 2000. Soon after production wrapped, the footage was lost and remained in limbo for over three years. After re-discovering the master tapes in late 2003, Hillbilly Doomsday was cut together as ntended and is finally being unleashed upon the world. Hillbilly Doomsday features Jerry “Toe” Clark of “Rock Opera” fame, Michael Dalmon and Mark Hanks and is written and directed by Bob Ray.


Hillbilly Doomsday past screenings

World Premiere:
The 11th Annual New York Underground Film Festival in March of 2004

Midwestern premiere:
The 11th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival in August of 2004

Texas Premiere:
International Competition at CinemaTexas 9 September 2004 in Austin, Texas

Ohio Premiere:
20,000 Leagues Under The Industry Film Festival in Cleveland, October 2004

Rank and Reveu's Red River Rock Out Music and Film Fest, October 2004

Brew and View in San Diego, October 2004


Written, directed, edited, etc.
Bob Ray

Jerry Don Clark
Michael Dalmon

Mark Hanks

Production Designer & Special Effects
Tony Linder

Music by
Kurtis D. Machler

Brad Weaver
Mike Guihan



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All rights reserved.

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