Copyright 2001 by Bob Ray


               Based on a true story.

               INT.  ZEKE & LESTER'S HOUSE NIGHT


               The filament of a light bulb burns white hot.  We hear the
               muted bang of a dart gun being fired in the distance followed
               by a piercing clank of glass withstanding metal.  The bulb
               jerks and vibrates with the clank and the filament continues
               to burn.  The sound of a New Years Eve broadcast can almost
               be heard; as if our ears were trapped inside the bulb.

                                     LESTER (O.S.)
                         Check this out.

               The sliding of metal can be heard as a someone cocks the
               gun.  BANG!  The gun is fired again and the bulb explodes in
               a shower of glass.  A wave of sound floods in:

                                     TV (O.S.)
                         We're only minutes away from the
                         turn of the millennium...

               LESTER (26) sits sunken in his couch, his dart gun aimed at
               the bulb.

                         Dead eye.

               ZEKE (27) floats in the cushions of the sofa perpendicular
               to Lester's, his pistol hanging from his hand.  The walls of
               their dilapidated house are dotted with tool posters featuring
               half naked women, power saws, and Loni Anderson.  There are
               a dozen empty quart-sized beer bottles wrapped in ghetto
               koozies littered about the room.  Zeke lazily drops his gun
               and it thuds into the wooden floor.


               The remnants of Christmas are obvious.  Zeke and Lester both
               sport brand new robes and slippers, there's a half-empty
               case of 40's still partially camouflaged in wrapping paper



               resting in the corner and carton of smokes with a bow on it
               lying on the coffee table.

                         My ass it was.

               Zeke's pulls the candy cane that he had sucked into the shape
               of a candy cane death spear from his mouth and takes a pull
               off his beer.  Zeke  plops the cane back into his mouth and
               sinks back into the couch.  He slings his arm over his head
               and his fingers find the brownish keys of the old archaic
               piano that had died directly behind his couch.

                         What about a shitball way to spend
                         new years eve.

               He punctuates himself with the bang of the annoyingly out of
               tune notes.  Lester casually snaps opens the empty dart
               chamber to his gun and fills it.  He releases the slide on
               the gun and pushes it forward again.  Zeke continues to fondle
               and pluck the keys of the old piano, releasing soured notes.

                         You ain't lyin.

               Lester, smiling like a possum eating shit, starts to giggle
               as he aims his weapon at Zeke.  Zeke looks up from the TV to
               see Lester pointing the gun at him.  He stops poking the
               piano keys.

                         You better not.

               Lester looks at Zeke, then at the gun, and back to Zeke who
               takes a slug from his 40, confident that Lester won't shoot.
               Zeke's confidence wavers as his finger nervously fondle the
               piano key.  Slowly, Zeke presses the key down.  The piano
               mallet floats down toward the string and pops it with a
               springy bang.

               BANG!  Lester's finger flinches and fires his gun.  The dart
               tears through the air and stabs into Zeke's neck.  Zeke
               convulses in a pain induced spasm.  Kicking and yelping and
               gyrating.  Lester busts into laughter as Zeke's beer falls
               to the floor and rolls across the room, leaving a foamy wake.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Oh, you fuckin fuck!  You're a god
                         damn dead man.

               Zeke snatches his dart gun from the floor.  Lester's laughter
               turns to fear and he hurriedly cocks his weapon and pops
               open the chamber.  Zeke releases and cocks with lightning
               fast speed and he grabs for his darts.



               Lester jams the dart into the chamber and slaps it shut.
               Zeke, stuffing the dart into it's chamber, looks up and
               freezes like a stupid deer, he sees that he's been beaten.
               As Lester draws down, Zeke pulls the candy-cane-death-spear
               from his mouth and stabs it into the back of Lester's hand.

               Lester screams in pain and his gun crashes to the floor and
               slides under the sofa.  Zeke drops the candy cane and snaps
               shut the dart chamber as Lester leans for his gun, grabbing
               for it with his good hand.  Zeke jumps to his feet and shoots
               the helpless Lester square in the top of the head.

                         You cock suckin fuck!

               Lester kicks at Zeke as he clumsily gathers up all his darts
               and turns to run.  Lester grabs a hold of Zeke's brand new
               slipper and yanks Zeke from his feet sending him and his
               darts sailing through the air and crashing to the floor.


               Zeke scrambles to collect his ammo.  Lester grabs a dirty
               ashtray from the table and hurls it at Zeke.

                         You fuckin jerk!

               An explosion of ash and cigarette butts ricochets from Zeke's
               back as he crawls to shelter.

                         Oww.  Asshole!

               Zeke rolls and squirms his way to the bedroom with his gun
               and a handful of darts in tow.  Lester swipes his gun off of
               the ground and as just as Zeke is rounding the corner, BANG!
               Zeke catches a dart in an exposed leg.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)

               Zeke skids and crashes around the corner, again spilling his
               ammo.  Lester snatches his can of ammo from the table and
               cocks his gun.  Zeke scrounges around the dark bedroom, he
               finds a dart and hastily slides it into the chamber.

               Lester, fully loaded, sneaks stealthily toward the bedroom
               door.  As he rounds the corner, he raises his gun to the
               back of Zeke's unsuspecting head.  Lester accidentally kicks
               a dart and it rolls in front of Zeke.  Zeke slowly turns his
               head and looks over his shoulder to find Lester's gun hovering
               above his brow.

                         Execution style.



               BANG!  A dart jabs into Zeke's forehead and he recoils back
               in pain.

                         Aww!  You evil fuckin bastard!

               As Zeke rolls onto his back, he pulls the dart from his
               forehead, snaps shut the chamber to his gun, and points it
               at Lester.  Lester, in a superb defensive maneuver, spins
               out of his robe and throws it onto Zeke like a terry cloth
               casting net.  The robe spins in the air as Zeke fires.  The
               robe ensnares the dart from the air and the tip pierces the
               spinning robe.  The robe drapes down upon Zeke's head and
               Lester pushes the blinded Zeke over and he slides across the

               Zeke angrily throws off the robe only to find Lester gone.
               He plucks the dart from the robe and re-loads it into his
               gun.  Zeke sneaks over to the doorway and slips up to the
               edge to takes a peak around the corner.  Lester, standing
               flattened against the other side of the wall, slides his gun
               into the loaded position.  As Zeke's face creeps around the
               corner to take a peek, BANG!  Lester shoots Zeke in the side
               of the face.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         GOD DAMN IT!!!  Mother fucker!

               Zeke jumps up into the air and spins, flailing his arms in
               pain.  Lester can't help but laugh.

                         Oh shit!  I fucked you up, man.

               Zeke wipes the dart from his face and regains his composure.
               Lester tries to make his escape but his brand new slippers
               slide on the hardwood floor; BANG!  A dart digs into the
               small of Lester's naked back, sending him wailing and crashing
               across the room.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Awww, shit that fuckin stings.

               Lester falls to the ground, his face sliding across the shards
               of broken light bulb.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Son of a bitch!

               He crashes into the furniture.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         I think you hit my spinal column, ya



                                     TV (O.S.)

                                                                    CUT TO:


               A shot of the house from outside, we hear the boys making
               all kinds of noise, shooting at one another and such.


                                     TV (O.S.)

               Lester rolls from one side of the doorjamb to the other like
               a retarded ninja, firing his gun mid-roll.

                                     ZEKE (O.S.)
                         Take that motherfucker.

               BANG!  The dart sails through the air.  THUD!  It crashes
               into the coffee table Lester had turned on its side for
               protection and is lost in a forest of darts.

               Lester, covered in swollen pink dart wounds, pops up from
               behind the table and returns fire.

                         Fuck you!

                                     ZEKE (O.S.)

                                     TV (O.S.)

               Lester ducks back behind the table and searches the ground
               for a dart.  Finding none, he reaches around to pull a dart
               out of the front of the coffee table.

               Zeke's eye gleams in the light as he hides in the shadows.
               He lifts his gun and takes aim.



               Lester's hand flinches as the dart stabs into it.  The spasm
               charges through his body.

                                     TV (O.S.)



               Lester grabs his hand in pain and plucks the dart out.  He
               cocks his gun and loads the dart in.

                         You're bout ta start the new year
                         lackin a left eye.

               Lester pushes the slide of his gun forward.

                                     TV (O.S.)

                         The fuck I will.

               Zeke pops out from behind the door wearing sunglasses and
               takes aim at Lester.  Lester fires and hits Zeke in the left
               eye of the sunglasses.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Oh, shit.

               Zeke freaks and fires into the air, hitting the dust covered
               ceiling fan blade.

                                     TV (O.S.)

               Zeke scrambles back to the protection of the doorway.  He
               tears the glasses from his face and pokes the broken lens

                                     TV (O.S.) (CONT'D)

               Zeke puts the one lensed glasses back on and searches for a
               dart.  Lester snatches a dart from the table and re-loads
               his gun.

                                     TV (O.S.) (CONT'D)

               Zeke stretches to grab a pack of firecrackers that lie in
               the corner.  His bare and exposed foot creeps around the
               doorway as he reaches for the tiny bombs.  Lester takes aim
               as Zeke grabs the firecrackers.  BANG!  Lester fires and
               nails Zeke in the naked arch.

                         Awww!  Shit!  That's fuckin low!

               Zeke freaks out and pulls the dart out of his foot.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Son ova bitch.



               Zeke spies a chrome Zippo on the other side of the door and
               scrambles to it.

                                     TV (O.S.)

               Zeke strikes the lighter and puts it to the main fuse as
               Lester releases the slide on his gun.  Zeke slides the pack
               of firecrackers across the floor, the fuse sparkling with

                                     TV (O.S.) (CONT'D)

               The pack slides to a stop right behind Lester who, unaware
               of the firecrackers, pushes the slide of his gun forward and
               aims for Zeke.

                                     TV (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Happy New--

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Blackness; the TV and all the power goes out.

                         You think that'll stop me?


               ECU, FUSE

                         Shit can't stop me....

               POP!  POP!  POP!  POP!  POP!  The firecrackers thunder in
               rapid succession.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Awww!  Holy shit!  You sneaky

               Zeke busts up laughing in the darkness.

                                     ZEKE (O.S.)
                         Yeah!  Motherfucker, scud missile
                         attack, motherfucker!

               The firecrackers finally stop exploding.

                                     LESTER (O.S.)
                         Now that shit ain't funny.  You can
                         cause ear damage & shit.



                         Fuck you.  You started it, man.

                         Turn the fuckin lights back--

               One last firecracker pops.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Jesus!  For crying out Christ!
                              (slow and through his
                         Just turn the fuckin lights back on
                         so I can shoot you in the fuckin
                         face again you sneaky rat fuckin

                         Hell, you probly shot a wire or
                         somethin, ya no shootin bastard.

                         Dude.  Come on, man.  War's over.
                         I'm done fucking around.  I can't
                         barely hear any more cuz of you're
                         firebombs.  Now turn on the fuckin

                         I'm not fucking around either.  I
                         didn't turn the damn lights off.
                         Hold on, I got some light over here.

               We hear Zeke walk across the room and strike up his Zippo,
               the flame illuminates his face.

                         Take that you asshole!

               BANG.  A dart jabs into Zeke's upper lip and his lighter
               crashes to the floor.

                         You fuck face!  That ain't fuckin

               He hear Zeke punch Lester.

                         And them fireworks were?

               The lighter burns on the floor.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         No, for real, turn the lights back
                         on, the shit ain't funny no more.



               Zeke picks up his still burning lighter.

                         Listen dipshit, I didn't... You don't
                         think it might be that Y2K or

                         Are you fuckin serious, man?

                         I ain't fuckin around.  I didn't do

                         I heard about that shit.  The Y2K.

                         I didn't turn nuthin off, man.

                         That's whack fuck, that's fuckin
                         whack fuck, man.

                         And didn't you hear the TV lady?
                         She said, "Happy New--" and nothing.

                              (starting to panic)
                         You're fuckin with me man.

                         How the fuck could I turn off the
                         lights and TV at the same time, man.
                         Think about it.

                              (totally panicked)
                         Oh my fucking god...

               Zeke convinces himself.

                         It must be, man.  It's fuckin gotta
                         be, man.

                         Fuckin Y2K!!

                         Oh, man.  We're fucked.

                         It's the god fuckin damn apac-o-lips!!



                         Shit Lester, there's fucking crazies
                         out there.  We're fuckin dead, man!

                         It's the god damn apac-o-lips!!  Are
                         you fuckin crazy!?  We're fuckin
                         fucked, man.  Fuckin fucked!!

                         Shit, Zeke calm down, man.  Yer
                         freakin me out, man.

                         Don't you fuckin get it?!  We're
                         fucked, man.  We're fuckin fucked.

                         Listen, man, we gotta keep our heads,
                         man.... We gotta formulate some sorta
                         plan here.  Freaking out ain't gunna
                         help us none.

                         Yeah, yeah.

                         I think I got an ides.  Hold this.

               Zeke hands Lester the lighter.  The flame reveals Lester's

                         I can't fuckin believe it's mother
                         fuckin doomsday, man that's fuckin

               BANG!  A dart stabs into Lester's face.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         You ASSHOLE!

               Zeke laughs out loud as Lester drops the lighter and the
               flame goes out.  We hear them crash around the house fighting.

                         I couldn't help it man.  I'm sorry...
                         You fell for that one good... oh
                         man, you shoulda seen the look...

                         You god damn jerk!  We're about to
                         be at war with every god dam lawless
                         mother fucker out there and yer
                         fucking around!



                         You started it.  You drew first blood!

                         It's god damn anarchy out there!  Ya

               We hear Lester as he stomps up to the lighter and snatches
               it from the floor.  Zeke can be heard rustling around in the
               background.  Lester strikes the lighter, revealing his black
               eye and bleeding face.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Listen, we seriously gotta get
                         ourselves some protection, man.


                         These fuckin dart guns ain't gunna
                         fend off all them crazies.

                         Fuckin-a man.

                         We gotta get some real guns and fuckin

                         No shit, man.

                         Some fuckin big guns.

                         Yeah, man...yeah.

               EXT.  TRUCK NIGHT

               BANG!  A beaten up old truck backfires and churns to life.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               The truck bouncing down a bumpy dirt road.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. TRUCK NIGHT

               Zeke is driving and Lester takes a slug from the bottle of
               moonshine decorated with a bow, they're both smoking Black &
               Mild cigars.  The say nothing, only sit and pass the shine.

               The truck pulls up to a house in the woods.  Zeke hits the
               brakes and the rear window brake light, dangling from its



               broken casing swings into the cab and bobs a red light upon

               EXT.  HARRY'S HOUSE NIGHT

               Zeke shuts the car off and they sit in the hypnotic sway of
               the bobbing red light.  Zeke takes a final slug off the shine.
               They hear a noise from outside and Zeke lets off the brake
               pedal, killing the red light.

               Cousin HARRY (34), covered in camouflage clothes with a belt
               of shotgun shells strapped across his chest cocks his shotgun
               and lights up his gun-mounted flashlight, hitting Zeke with
               its beam.

                         Y'all had better state yer purpose!

               Zeke's eyes squint as he opens up the door and starts to
               step out of the truck.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         That's about enough movin, over there.

               Zeke leans up to the crevice between the door and truck.

                         Fuckin A Harry!  It's cousin Zeke
                         and cousin Lester in the truck there.

               Lester pokes his head out the window and Harry shines the
               beam on it.

                         We need to talk to ya bout somethin.
                         Come on out from hiding, will ya?

                         Y'all alone?

                         Yeah, we're fuckin alone Harry.
                         What do ya think we got a truckload
                         of day laborers in the back or what?
                         Ya paranoid piece of shit.

               Harry lifts a lantern from behind the wall and walks out to
               greet the boys.

                         Fuck you Zeke.  You can't be none to

               Harry walks up to the truck where Zeke and Lester are standing
               and takes a look in the bed.



                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         I guess not.

               Harry sets the lantern on the hood of the truck.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                              (to Zeke)
                         Dude, you look like shit cuz.  What'd
                         you do, mow the lawn with your face?

                         Aww, fuck you Harry.

                         We was playin war with them dart
                         guns you gave us for Christmas.

                         Well what brings you boys out on the
                         night of the dawn of the forthcoming

                         Well, that's kinda why we're here,
                         we need to talk to you about preparin
                         ourselves for the bleak and
                         uncompromisin future.

                         That's fuckin right you do.  I'm
                         glad you boys finally wised yer shit
                         up.  Y'all doin the right thing.

                         We know you got yourself all rigged
                         up proper for Y2K and whatnot.

                         Yer damn right I do--

               Lester cuts in.

                         We need guns.

               Harry pulls out a pistol out from his belt and flashes it
               before them.

                         Tekerov.  Eastern European.  They do
                         a shitload of killing over there.
                         Make a damn fine handgun.

               Harry puts the gun back in it's holster.



                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         Y'all boys step up into my office
                         with me, I'll show you what I got.

               The three start walking toward the house.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         Y'all ain't been around since I set
                         up the new system, have ya.

                         Not since your 4th of July bon fire
                         party back in... July.

               Harry opens the door to his house.  He stands in the doorway
               and turns around.

                         Well, what I got going on here is a
                         fully self sustaining operation.
                         Has been for over the last four
                         months.  I don't need any of that
                         bull shit big government electricity,
                         they try to get you hooked on and

               INT. HARRY'S HOUSE NIGHT

               Harry enters the house and hangs his handgun on the key holder
               by the door and props up the shotgun behind the fridge.

                         I got this solar panel all rigged up
                         to the wind mill and that gives me
                         enough juice for your regular
                         electrical needs.

               Harry hangs the lantern on its hook.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         Check it out.

               Harry blows out the flame and flips the light switch and
               several florescent tubes flicker and stir to life,
               illuminating the dirty kitchen.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         I got these florescents, mainly for
                         their efficiency purposes.  I've got
                         the generator out back for what
                         emergency electrical needs I might
                         be havin.  I got rations, water,
                         toilet paper and all that good shit.



                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         But most importantly, I got fire
                         arms.  A shitload of em.  Fuckin
                         ammo too... all kinds of shit.

               Harry starts walking through the kitchen.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         Which brings us back to you boys.
                         What kinda weaponry do ya already

               Harry stops in the kitchen and turns around to see Zeke
               holding a big ass hunting knife.

                         I got is this huntin knife.

               Lester, standing behind Zeke, chimes in.

                         And them dart guns.

                         Fuck that.  Them dart guns are about
                         good for nuthin but shootin waterbugs.
                         Y'all need some big mother fucking
                         guns.  Big sons a bitches.  Loud
                         enough to scare the shit right out
                         of a constipated man.

               Harry's voice is drowned out by the rage ringing in Zeke's
               ears as the knife slowly creeps toward Harry.  Until...

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         And what the fuck you gunna kill
                         with that thing?

               As Harry talks, Zeke stabs the big ass hunting knife into
               Harry's gut, it severs the bottom of a shotgun shell on it's
               way in and pellets pour out and bounce on the floor.  Blood
               pours from the wound and puddles beneath him and the pellets
               become trapped in the sticky red goo.  Harry, frozen in terror
               and awe starts building a scream as the knife rests in his

                         Oh shit, we're killin him.

               Zeke looks at Harry, expecting him to die upon contact.
               Harry starts screaming in pain.

                         Oh my fuckin god!!



               Zeke uncorks the knife from Harry's's belly.  Harry, shocked
               and in pain, covers the gushing wound with his hand.

                                     HARRY (CONT'D)
                         What the fuck are you doin!?

               Zeke stabs again, faster this time.  Harry screams and turns
               to run and Zeke grabs him by his ammo belt.

                              (to Lester)
                         Help me, god damn it!

               Lester jumps on Harry.  The three crash to the ground and
               Zeke plunges the knife deep into Harry's back.  Harry again
               screams in agony.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Hold him!

               They flail about the increasingly bloody floor.  Zeke stab
               Harry again and again, causing him to kick and convulse.

                         Oh God!  Stop it now!

               Lester grabs Harry in a fucked up half nelson.  Zeke gets up
               on his knees as Lester steadies Harry and he tries to hold

                         Hold him good.

               Zeke jams the knife into Harry's gut.

                         Jesus fuckin Christ!

                         I can't kill him unless you hold him

               Zeke stabs him again, the dart wound on Zeke's forehead starts
               dripping blood.

                         Oh fuck...what the fuck are you boys

                         Get him again.  Again.  Again.  He
                         ain't dead yet.

                         You're not holding him right.



               Zeke stabs Harry in the chest and Harry starts puking on
               himself.  Zeke jumps back.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Oh, that's fuckin nasty.

               Harry starts crying and wailing, spitting up blood with chunks
               of bile.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Shut him up, god damn it!

               Lester puts his hand over Harry's mouth and Harry clamps his
               teeth into Lester's fingers.

                         Awwww!!  Mother fucker, he's got me.
                         Stab him in the face.  Stab his fuckin

               Zeke stabs at Harry's face and the knife goes through Lester's
               hand and into Harry's cheek.  Lester screams in agony.
               Harry's scream is muffled through the impaled hand.  Zeke
               yanks the knife out.  Lester drops Harry and they both scream
               in pain.  Harry's sponge-like body bounces in a bloody mess.

                         Oh, shit.

               Lester grabs his hand and Zeke stands apologetically.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         I told you to hold him better.

                         You son of a bitch!!

               Lester cocks back with his good hand and punches Zeke in the
               face, bloodying his nose.  The knife flies from Zeke's hand
               and slides across the room.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         You're spose-ta murder him, not stab
                         my god damn hand.

               Zeke steps back and grabs his face.

                         Well shit, it ain't that easy!  You
                         weren't holdin him right.

               Harry continues to moan in agony.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Y'all was wrigglin too much.



               Lester swipes the knife from the ground.

                         You fuckin hold him.

               They walk back over to Harry.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Prop him up so I can get him in the

                              (gargling blood)
                         Boys, don't do it... please...  don't
                         go no farther...

               Harry reaches up and grabs Lester's shirt.  Lester slices
               Harry's arm and it falls back to the ground.

                         He sure is bleedin a lot for a man
                         that ain't dead yet.

               Zeke grabs a hold of Harry and rolls him over, belly up.
               Harry coughs up blood.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Oh, this shit is nasty.

                         Hold him up more.

               Zeke holds Harry.  Lester rears back with the knife and flips
               it so the blade is sticking out of the bottom of his hand.
               Lester plunges the knife downward and it jabs through Zeke's
               hand and into Harry.  Zeke screams in pain and Harry spits
               out a chunk of blood that lands on Lester's face.  Lester
               pulls the knife out and steps back, his white teeth smiling
               through the crimson mask.  Zeke drops Harry and jumps up and
               around like Evander Hollyfield after the second bite, shaking
               his hand in pain.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         How you like it?  Stings don't it?

                         You fuckin asshole!!

               Zeke lunges at Lester, smashing his fist into Lester's face.
               Lester drops the knife and rears back grabbing Zeke in a
               headlock.  They wrestle and fight into the living room.
               Zeke is about to pop Lester one in the face with his good
               hand when Lester stops him.



                         Wait a sec, wait a sec.  Listen, I
                         think he died.

               Harry's moans stop.  They both look to the kitchen and see
               only the pile of blood.

               Their eyes follow the trail of blood to reveal Harry swaying
               in front of the doorway, barely alive with the pistol in

                         Holy shit.

               Zeke and Lester scatter as Harry fires the gun and nails
               Lester in the leg.  Lester screams in pain as blood squirts
               from the wound.  Harry tries to squeeze the trigger again,
               but the gun is jammed.

               Zeke peeks from his hiding place and sees Harry straining to
               un-jam the blood covered gun.  Zeke leaps up and runs toward
               Harry, he grabs a nearby lamp and raises it ass-end up like
               a club.  As Zeke comes into clubbing range, he swings the
               upside down lamp at Harry.  The lamp's still plugged-in cord
               reaches it's limit mid swing and the lamp breaks in half.
               The bottom half of the lamp bounces back toward the plug,
               tearing off the shade that flies toward Harry and rolls off
               of him.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Oh, fuck!

               Lester grabs the knife and starts limping to Zeke's aid as
               Harry un-jams the gun.  Zeke ducks as Harry fires and poor
               Lester catches a bullet in the foot.  Lester screams and
               drops the knife as he falls back to the floor, bleeding and
               in pain.

               Zeke looks up to see that the gun has jammed again.  Zeke
               hops up and in one motion, snatches the gun from Harry's
               hand and pistol whips him with it.  The gun un-jams upon
               contact with Harry's head and the spent casing falls to the
               floor.  Zeke steps back and shoots into Harry's gut as Harry
               falls to the floor.  Blood squirts across the gun and Zeke's
               arm as Harry screams again.

                         What the fuck are you doin?  We gotta
                         conserve our ammo, man.

               Zeke turns toward Lester.

                                     LESTER (CONT'D)
                         Use the knife.



                         Good thinking.  Where'd you put it?

                         Shit, man, I dropped it somewhere.

               Zeke starts looking for the knife.  Lester grabs a
               conveniently located roll of toilet paper and starts wrapping
               his foot.

                         God damn it.  Where's the fucking

               Zeke looks some more.  Harry's breathing can barely be heard
               in the background.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Are you sitting on it?

               Lester moves and reveals the knife.  Zeke grabs it.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Fucking moron.

               Zeke walks over to Harry.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         I already done killed this son of a
                         bitch like three times already.  At

                         Don't... do it, Zeke... you can
                         have... all my shit.

               Zeke grabs a throw pillow from the couch and drops it on
               Harry's face.

                         When are you gunna die?

               Zeke starts stabbing Harry as we fade out to his dying moans.

                                     ZEKE (CONT'D)
                         Go on you sombitch, fuckin die.
                         Fuckin die.

               EXT.  ROAD NIGHT

               Zeke and Lester are driving down the road drinking moonshine
               and covered in blood.  Zeke lights another Black & Tan.
               Pull back to reveal that there are guns all over the cab of
               their truck and provisions in the back, including bottled
               water, canned food, and toilet paper flapping in the wind.



               EXT.  ZEKE & LESTER'S HOUSE NIGHT

               The truck pulls up to their house and they start unloading
               their goods.

               Zeke swings open the screen door and the green paper that
               was taped to it floats through the air and sinks into a puddle
               of water on the ground.  The paper reads:

               "Termination Notice.  Your account is past due and your
               services will be suspended at midnight December 31st if not
               paid in full."

               Fade out as we hear the boys unload their goods.



               INT. BEDROOM NIGHT

               Tilt up from the floor to slowly reveal PETER.

                                     DIRECTOR (O.S.)
                              (a woman's voice with
                              a French accent,
                              speaking slowly)
                         What I want to see, you with ze ass
                         on ze cock.  Pe-tair you enter and
                         enter her poo-see.  You're cock in
                         her ass, your in her poo-see.  And
                         zen Pe-tair.  Fucking her love hole.
                         When your juice squirt, hit her in
                         ze face.

               Hold on Peter's mouth as he says.

                         You want me to punch her?

               Slowly pull back.

                                     DIRECTOR (O.S.)
                         Yes, punch her face... with juice
                         from the love.

               Revealing Peter's confused look.  CRYSTAL steps into frame.

                         She wants you to cum on my face.

                              (feigning confidence)
                         Right.  Okay.

               The shirtless and pumped-up ROD steps into frame and up to

                         In her face.  You got that?  If one
                         fucking drop of that shit hits me...
                         aww, man.  Shit would get fucked up

                              (kind of nervous)
                         Right.  No cum on Rod.

               The DP steps in and reads the light with a meter.

               DP communicates a message with hand signals to the AD (O.S.).
               AD crosses frame left and pull back to reveal him tweaking a


                              (italics in Hungarian,
                              to Director)
                         We're not shooting gay fucking porn,
                         correct?  What the fuck am I lighting
                         for here?  Am I lighting for gay or
                              (the word "fucking"
                              is in English)

               The DIRECTOR steps in and sets up a composition with her


                 DP gives him the okay sign and he walks back over

                              (to cast, in English
                              w/ Hungarian accent)
                         We're not shooting gay fucking today.
                         No fucking gay.

               AD crosses frame right, back to the door.

                         First places, everyone.  Here's yer
                         fuckin pizza, that's yer spot there

               AD hands a pizza box to Peter and points to the other side
               of the door.

                                     AD (CONT'D)
                         You two fuck on the recliner.  Anyone
                         seen the slate?

               Crystal and Rod drop their robes as Peter walks into the
               hall and Ad closes the door behind him.  AD starts writing
               something on his hand.

                         This shot here.

               DP pulls his camera into position.

               We hear Rod sit on the Lazy Boy recliner-rocker chair

                                     ROD (O.S.)
                         Have a seat right here, honey.


               MS: AD

                              (to Rod and Crystal)
                         First shot is up!  Okay you two, get
                         bouncy.  Make some magic.

               We hear Rod and Crystal start up.

                                     AD (CONT'D)
                         Roll sound.

               AD puts on some headphones, presses play on the tape deck
               dangling from his neck and picks up the microphone.

                                     AD (CONT'D)
                         Rolling!  Here's our slate.  Roll

               AD holds out his hand out in front of the camera.  His hand
               has the slate information written on the palm and fingers.

               MS: DP

                         What the fucking kind of marker is

               MS: AD

                         Gimme a break.  I lost the other
                         one.  Just roll the fucking camera,
                         it'll work.

               The DP starts rolling his camera.

               CUT TO THE CAMERA'S POV


                         Scene one, take one.  Marker.

               AD snaps his fingers and steps out of the shot.

                         Action, now.  Go.

               Peter paces nervously in the hallway.  We hear Crystal and
               Rod as they gets into the scene.

                                     CRYSTAL (O.S.)
                         Yeah, fuck my ass.  Mmmmm...


                         That's youe cue, Peter.

               Peter finds the courage to knock.


                                     CRYSTALO (O.S.)
                         Oh... yeah... Come... on in.

               Pete enters and is witness to the porn scene.  He freezes
               under the pressure.

               Peter looks around the room.

               First to the AD who swings the boom overhead, then to the DP
               running the camera.  He spies the Director, who encourages
               him to get into the action, then looks over at Crystal.

                         Come... all the way in... pizza man.
                         I take it you brought my big...
                         steamy... Italian sausage.

               Rod pops out from behind Crystal.

                         Fuckin A, dude, get yourself a piece
                         of this.  Hop up in that pussy hole.

                                     DIRECTOR (O.S.)
                              (to Peter)
                         Your line.

               The Director encourages Peter to get into the action with
               her hand gestures.  A bead of sweat rolls down Peter's face.

                                     DIRECTOR (CONT'D)
                         Your line.

                         Oh... line... Screw the tip, lady...
                         you can have the whole damn thing.

               Peter tosses the pizza box, wipes the sweat from his brow
               and unzips his leisure suit jacket.  Peter steps up to Crystal
               revealing the tent in his pants.  He drops his drawers and
               plunges in.

                         Gimme that pepperonni.

                         The yard of beef.

               Peter moans as his eyes widen and the pleasure nearly
               overwhelms him.


               The DP sneaks a peak with his non-shooting eye.

                         Oh this is fucking beautiful.  Oh,

               Peter grabs the top of the Lazy Boy's and starts to rock it
               violently.  His face starts to contort and his knuckles turn
               white with their death-grip.

                         Ah, shit man.  Aw shit...

                         Dude, did your nut sack just rub on
                         my nut sack?

               Peter is sweaty and he starts shaking.  Peter's eyes twitch
               and roll.

                                     ROD (CONT'D)
                         Tell me I didn't just feel you fucking
                         nuts.  DUDE!?

               Peter is about to lose it, he groans loudly and pulls out,
               preparing to shoot his load.

                         Come on, baby.  Give it to me.

               Rod sees that Peter is about to climax and he ducks behind

                         Jesus fucking Christ.  He's god damn

               Crystal closes her eyes in anticipation of the facial.  Peter
               pulls his dick out and squints his eyes.  With a moan, his
               first shot nails Rod's nut sack.  Rod snaps to, shocked.

                                     ROD (CONT'D)
                         DUDE!!!!  You came on my fucking

                         Not balls!  Hit her in ze face.

                         Oh my fucking God!!  Did you even
                         get any on the girl?!

               Peter's ears burn and ring.  His vision blurs as the sensual
               pleasure of an orgasm fries his brain.

                                     DIRECTOR (O.S.)
                         Punch her face with you're juice!


               Peter blindly cocks his arm back for a punch.  Rod throws
               Crystal off the bed and to the ground.  He sits up on the
               chair in shock and looks at his balls.

                         This is fucking bullshit!

               Peter reels and with his eyes closed, shoots his second squirt
               into Rod's chest.

                                     ROD (CONT'D)

                         Ze face, hit ze girl in the face!

               Peter blindly swings a punch at where Crystal used to be.
               His fist connects with Rod's face and Rod is barely phased.
               A small stream of blood flows from Rod's nose and he goes
               berserk.  Crystal crawls to her purse and digs out a canister
               of mace.  Rod jumps up like the Incredible Hulk and growls
               in anger.

                         AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU CAME
                         ON MY BALLS!!!!!

               Peter opens his eyes, surprised to see Rod.

               Rod's veins bulge from his neck as he grabs Peter by the
               throat.  Rod throw Peter into the Lazy Boy and starts to
               beat him, rocking the chair with each punch.

                         You ASSHOLE!  Don't you ever fucking
                         push me you fuck face!

               Rod looks back over his shoulder just in time to see Crystal
               blasts a stream of mace from her can and nail him in the
               face.  He turns and screams like a banshee grabbing his eyes
               in excruciating pain.

                              (to the DP)
                         Oh, zis is too good, are you getting
                         it all?

               The DP films the action, smiling like a mule eating garlic.

                                     ROD (O.S.)
                         You fucking cunt.  What is that?
                         Pepper spray?   Aaaargh!!

                         Oh this is fucking beautiful.


               The mace starts to shoot uncontrollably as the trigger gets
               stuck.  The stream strafes Peter's eyes and he freaks out.

                                     ROD (O.S.)
                         You fucking bitch!!

               Crystal continues to mess with the canister.

                              (to DP)
                         Keep ze roll.

               We hear a loud roar as the stream of mace hits the microphone.
               The AD goes down screaming.  (maybe the audio cuts out at
               this point)  The Director, standing in the foreground is the
               next victim and she goes down as well.

               The camera quickly pans back over to Crystal and the stream
               of mace hits the lens.  The camera jerks and suddenly falls
               to the ground and the film runs out as the screen turns white.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. PORN SHOP -- DAY

               Cheesy lounge music can be heard.  Fade in from white to a
               tight shot of SEAN's (28) eyeballs as he searches the
               selection of porn tapes.  A box catches his eye and he reaches
               for it.  He holds it up and reads the title, he flips the
               box over and we see in blazing pink letters "YOU CAME ON MY

               Sean becomes lost in the erotic potential of the video.  He
               seems to float to the counter, never taking his eyes from
               the box.

                         You came on my balls, a true classic.

               Sean looks up, startled from the voice.  The smiling CLERK
               punches up the price.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. SEAN'S HOUSE -- DAY

               SEAN punches the play button.  The disclaimer starts up and
               Sean holds down the FF button on the ancient VCR.  Sean
               wrestles with his zipper, his crotch throbbing with
               excitement.  Sean's forehead starts to bead with sweat as he
               continues to fast forward past the gruelingly long disclaimer.

               Sean's tries to unzip his pants, but the zipper wont budge.
               He tugs and yanks at it, trying to release his pulsating
               member.  Finally, the title scene comes up on the screen and
               Sean is about to climax.


               He frantically hits the EJECT button.  The tape slowly ejects.
               Sean yanks his trousers down, bypassing the zipper all
               together.  Sean grabs the tape from the VCR and throws it
               across the room.

               He grabs the back of the VCR and jams his dick into it as he
               reaches orgasm.  Pure ecstasy washes across his face.  He
               lets lose a grunt of relief and his chin drops to his chest,

               Sean's hip accidentally bumps the REWIND button and the VCR
               hums to life.  A horrible grinding noise is interrupted by
               shrieks of pain as Sean's face distorts in agony.

               Sean tries to pull out, but he's tethered to the machine.
               Sean backs away from the TV, tearing the VCR from the wall
               plug and bringing it with him.  He wrestles and fights with
               the VCR, trying desperately to remove it from his dick.
               Sean crashes to the floor and again fights with the VCR.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. SEAN'S HOUSE -- DAY

               Sean, holding up the weight of the VCR, plugs it into the
               wall and it powers up.  Sean hits the EJECT button and more
               grinding noises can be heard.  Sean yells in pain and yanks
               the plug from the wall.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. SEAN'S HOUSE -- DAY

               Sean ties the plug to a door knob.  He takes a deep breath
               and puts both hands on the wall.  He pushes himself backward
               and a tearing noise fills the air.  Sean screams in pain as
               he falls backward and across the floor, crashing into

               The VCR breaks loose and dangles from the knob, a giant tuft
               of pubic hair hangs from the tape slot.

               Sean sits up behind the overturned chair, his eye is smashed
               and bruised.  He grabs a nearby towel and applies it to his

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Pull back from a tight shot of a towel drying some glasses
               to reveal SEAN in bartender garb.  Two guys sit at the end
               of the bar (MARK and PAUL) drinking their beers and shooting
               the shit.


                         Damn Sean, you wake up un the wrong
                         side of the bed today or what?

                         No shit.  What happened to you?

                         My VCR broke.

               Suddenly, the front door opens and the air is sucked from
               the room.  A man with long hair and a beard (JESUS) enters,
               wearing only a robe and flip flops, he struts across the

               The two girls playing pool in the corner stops to watch Jesus.
               Jesus's walk is proud, almost arrogant.  He shoots a sexy
               glance at one of the ladies playing pool (JUDY), and points
               his fingers at her as if they were pistols.  She rolls her
               eyes.  Mark, Paul and Sean all eyeball the unusual stranger.

               As JESUS steps up to the bar, everyone abruptly continues
               about their business.  Sean steps up to Jesus to take his

                                     SEAN (CONT'D)
                         What can I get for you?

                         Two glasses of water, brother.

               Jesus, casual and confident, looks around the bar.  Sean
               starts to fill a glass with ice.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                              (looking away)
                         No ice, please.

               Sean dumps the ice and fills the glass with water. Sean sets
               the glass down in front of the tip jar and grabs another

               Jesus pulls the first glass over to him and licks his lips
               and squints his eyes.  As Sean fills the second glass with
               water, Jesus empties the contents of the first into his mouth
               and wipes his lips with his sleeve.

               Jesus and Sean both set their glasses on the bar at the same
               time, Sean's filled with water and Jesus's with red wine
               residue.  Sean grabs the glass without noticing and tosses
               it in the sink.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Thanks, buddy.

               Jesus grabs the second glass of water and walks over to the
               guys at the end of the bar.


                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         What you boys havin?  It's on me.

                         Well it's a tad bit stiffer than
                         water, Hippie.

               Jesus turns his cheek to the cam (as if slapped) and signals
               for the bartender.

                         Two mugs of water, no ice.  Aw the
                         hell with it, bring one for yourself.

                         What a treat.

               Sean sets the,three mugs on the bar.  Jesus gives the glasses
               a karate look and instantly they are filled with beer.

                         Holy freakin shit!

               Jesus lifts his glass, also filled with beer, to the sky.

                         That's fucking right.  So what do ya
                         think of that shit?

                         Oh my God...

                         Of sorts.

               Jesus starts to chug his beer, the boys follow suit.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                              (to Sean)
                         How bout a couple of waters for the
                         fine young ladies playing pool?

               Sean picks up two wine glasses and looks for Jesus approval
               and gets it.  He sets the two glasses near the ladies.

                         From the long haired gentleman.

               The ladies look at Jesus, confused.

                              (to the guys)
                         Wine is always the easiest.


               Jesus points his fingers in pistol like fashion and the water
               turns to red wine.  The ladies look surprised and then toast

                                                                   CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Mark slams an empty mug down on the counter.  Jesus and
               friends are drunk, they are surrounded by several empty mugs
               of beer.  The bar is now more crowded and Judy and Lucy are
               hanging with the guys.  Jesus has his arm around Judy.

                         So he says, "Burning bush?  You know,
                         a shot of penicillin will cure that
                         right up."


                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Tilt down from the bar to reveal Sean walking down the bar
               with five pitchers of water in his arms.


               The pitchers are now filled with beer.  The crowd cheers and
               Mark and Paul start doling out the booze.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Everybody tip the nice man.

               People start filling the tip jar with cash.  Judy is now
               playing with Jesus's hair.

               INT. BAR, POOL TABLE -- NIGHT

               Lucy winks at Jesus as she racks the pool balls.  Jesus struts
               over to the table and takes a pool stick from a guy at the
               end of the bar.  Jesus breaks the game of pool and sinks the
               9 ball on the break.  He tosses the stick on the table and
               starts to mug down with Lucy.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Jesus, swaying and drunk, is surrounded by people.

                         Check this shit out.  Eight glashes
                         of water, wish ice and a limes.


               Sean sets them up.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         That's right, set em up there, buddy.
                         Fuckin fill em up.

               Jesus turns to the crowd.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Who wants Cuba Libres?

               The crowd cheers.  Jesus concentrates and turns the waters
               into Cuba Libres.  The crowd cheers and toasts Jesus.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               A quick shot of Jesus with the water tap in his mouth

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Jesus staggers through the crowd.  He spies some guy with a
               cigarette in his mouth and sloppily swipes it from his lips.
               Jesus pops the smoke into his mouth and the cigarette turns
               into a joint.  He puts his arm around the guy and shows off
               his handiwork.

                         Fucking A.

               Jesus bogarts the joint and then hands it to the guy.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               Jesus pops up with a tall drink in his hand and making the
               heavy metal-devil sign with the other.

                         Yeah, motherfucker!  Yeah!  Long
                         Fucking Island Ice Tea!

               The  crowd cheers and he hands the drink to someone.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Fuzzy mother-fuckin Navel!

               The crowd cheers.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Anybody got the munchies?


                         Fuckin A!

                         Gimme them Gold Fish.

               Someone hands Jesus the bowl of crackers.  Jesus pops up.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Fuckin fish sticks!

               The crowd cheers.  Jesus drunkenly puts his arm around a
               girl and starts tossing fish sticks into the crowd.

                         Je-sus!  Je-sus!  Je-sus!...

               INT. BATH ROOM -- NIGHT

               Jesus puking and a girl hold his hair.  Jesus dry heaves a
               few times and then looks skyward.

                         Why have you forsaken me, Father?!

               Jesus is interrupted by his own puke as he pukes some more.

               INT. BAR -- NIGHT

               People are drunk.  The clock reads 2AM.

                         I'm sorry folks.  But it's 2AM.  I
                         can no longer sell you booze.

               The crowd is disappointed and they boo.

                                     SEAN (CONT'D)
                         Sorry folks, contact you local

               People start to slowly disperse.  The clock hits 2:03 and
               suddenly, Jesus busts through the girls bathroom door.

                         Set em up, Sean.  A water for every
                         mother fucker in here.

               The crowd cheers loudly and someone thrust a drink into
               Jesus's hand.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         FUCK YEAH!!!


               Jesus jumps into the heavy metal devil sign pose and people
               mob him.

                         JESUS!  JESUS!  JESUS!...

                         Keep them waters coming!

               Sean busts out a water hose and people are holding up their
               glasses, waiting to get filled up.

               Pull back as everyone gets loud and Jesus throws his arm
               around some dudes and gets excited.

                                     JESUS (CONT'D)
                         Woooo!  Fuck Yeah! 

               Copyright 2001 by Bob Ray



               NATHAN is floating amidst the soft blurry lights.  everything
               moving at a snails pace.  A beautiful woman approaches him,
               kisses his neck and whispers into his ear.

               The loud static buzzing of an alarm clock floods the audio.


               Nathan flinches and swats at the alarm clock.

               The clock reads: 7:30

               The buzzing stops and Nathan's wife SUZY rolls over and kisses
               his neck.  She whispers in his ear.

                         Turn it off Honey.

                         One more snooze.

                         Turn it off and spend the day in bed
                         with me.

                         I wish I could, but there's been a
                         lot of tension down at work.

               Nathan sits up and rubs his face.

                                     NATHAN (CONT'D)
                         There are rumor of cutbacks.  People
                         are on edge.  You know how it is.

                         I know, but I wish we could spend
                         just one day in bed together.

               Nathan slides out of bed and goes through the morning rituals.
               Shower, shave, suit, loafers, kiss, briefcase, exit stage

               EXT. I-35, MORNING

               Drive.  Traffic.  Tons of it.


               INT. NATHAN'S CAR, MORNING

               Nathan rides it out.

                         And in further local news, there was
                         another round of layoffs today.
                         1,500 people found themselves without
                         a job this morning at Austin's Bell
                         computers.  That brings the total
                         number of layoffs in the Austin high
                         tech field up to 13,000.  Rumors
                         that several other tech companies
                         will be cutting back on personnel
                         this week in order to decrease their
                         expenditure and bring higher profits
                         back to their shareholders.  Of those
                         rumored are industry giant Motograter,
                         software manufacturer Aus-Tech--

               Tires screech and a horn blares.  Nathan snaps too.  The
               driver next to him is yelling and flipping the bird.

               EXT. PARKING LOT, MORNING

               Nathan cruises the lot and finds a spot, on the far side of
               the hot slab.  As he's walking through the sea of parked
               cars, he sees his boss, MR. KINSLOW, pulls into a reserved
               spot next to the front door.

               Mr. Kinslow strolls into the building and disappears behind
               the glass doors.  Nathan enters the building and makes his
               way through the lobby.  As Nathan approaches the elevators,
               he catches a glimpse of Mr. Kinslow standing inside the
               elevator, the doors beginning to close.  Mr. Kinslow sees
               Nathan coming and looks down at his watch.  As the doors
               close, Mr Kinslow looks back up and addresses Nathan.

                                     MR. KINSLOW
                         You're late, Nathan.  That'll be

               The doors slam shut.


               Nathan sits down at his desk and turns on his computer.  His
               monitor hums and comes to life and the Aus-Tech logo welcomes
               Nathan to another day of work.  TAMMY, Mr. Kinslow's sensitive
               secretary shuffles up to Nathan's workstation.

                         I'm sorry to have to say this to you
                         Nathan, but Mr. Kinslow says for me
                         to tell you that you need to
                         disintermediate the customized


                                     TAMMY (CONT'D)
                         infrastructures by the end of the
                         day and he said that sleeping in
                         late is not an excuse for not getting
                         the job done.  I'm sorry, Nathan, I
                         didn't want it to sound so mean...

                         It's okay, Tammy.  I'll take care of

               Slowly build to rapid cuts and time lapse movement as the
               busy worker bees toil away.  Coffee, sitting, typing,
               stretching, typing, routing cable, typing, bathroom break,
               more typing.

               An Asian fellow named SAM KWON approaches Nathan.

                         Hey there Nathan, how's it hanging?

                         A little to the left, but alright

               Nathan kicks back and relaxes a bit.

                                     NATHAN (CONT'D)
                         But there's no question in my mind
                         that I'd rather be in bed right now.

                         Yeah, sleep.  I heard that.

                         Sleep, right.

                         Say man, I was wondering if you could
                         give me a hand later on.  I'm trying
                         to implement the holistic supply
                         chains for the Smith project and I'm
                         having a bit of trouble getting the
                         synergistic vortals up and running
                         to capacity.

                         Alice might be a better person to
                         ask about that.  She's really on top
                         of that kind of stuff.  But if you
                         keep having problems with it, I'd be
                         happy to lend a hand.

                         Hey Alice!

               Alice's head pops up from behind her cubicle.


                         Sam, what's up.

                         I got a question for ya.  Hold up.
                              (to Nathan)
                         Thanks Nathan.

               Sam starts to walk away.

                                     SAM (CONT'D)
                         Hey you wanna grab a beer after work?
                         Blow off some steam?

                         I think I'm heading home tonight.
                         It's Suzy's last day off until next

                         Right on, thanks for the lead.

               Nathan gets up and stretches.

               INT. BATHROOM, DAY

               Henry finishes pissing as Nathan enters the bathroom.  Henry
               seems worried.

                         Oh man, Nathan, did you hear?  Sally
                         down in accounting told me that there
                         are going to be more layoffs today.

                         Henry, hold on a sec.  You're giving
                         me stage fright.

               Nathan starts to piss.

                         She said last quarter's earnings
                         were down and they'll be cutting
                         back on personnel.  Have you heard

                         No, I haven't heard anything.  The
                         whole industry's in a funk.  Over at
                         Bell they put in random drug testing
                         so they could fire people and they
                         wouldn't have to pay severance.  My
                         friend Steve got fired for wearing
                         his badge in the wrong place.

               Nathan finishes up and zips his trousers.


                                     NATHAN (CONT'D)
                         It's fucking cut-throat.

               Nathan starts washing his hands.

                         Oh, man.  This is bad.  I've got a
                         mortgage.  The kids...  Oh man...
                         What am I gunna do?

                         Hang in there Henry.  It'll work

                         I don't know this time, Nathan.  I
                         don't know.  I think Mr. Kinslow has
                         it out for me.  I'm headed back, I
                         want to make sure they see me working

                         Hang in there, Henry.

               Henry exits the bathroom.  Nathan cleans up and exits.

               INT. AUS-TECH HALLWAY, DAY

               Nathan emerges from the bathroom and starts walking down the
               hall.  As he passes Mr. Kinslow's door he overhears his boss
               giving instructions.

                                     MR. KINSLOW
                         No One said it would be easy, Tammy.
                         You're going to need to make a
                         decision here.  You either take care
                         of the business at hand or you'll be
                         writing your name on that list the
                         next time I dictate who is to be
                         laid off.  Do we understand one

                         Yes sir, Mr. Kinslow.

                                     MR. KINSLOW
                         Now pull yourself together so I can
                         finish up the unpleasantries and get
                         out of here.

                         Yes sir, Mr. Kinslow.

                                     MR. KINSLOW
                         And Tammy, wait until I've left the
                         parking lot.


                                     MR. KINSLOW (CONT'D)
                         I don't want any of these basket
                         case types boo-hooing to me about
                         their future and their families and

               Kinslow sits back in his chair.

                                     MR. KINSLOW (CONT'D)
                         Now, where were we?  The list.

                         Henry Huffstutler.

                                     MR. KINSLOW
                         Right.   Huffstuttler.  Add Alice
                         Jenkins,  Sam Kwon...

               A mobile phone rings.

                                     MR. KINSLOW (CONT'D)
                         Give me a few minutes, Tammy.  I've
                         got to take this.

                         Yes sir, I'll be at my desk, typing
                         up these.

               Nathan hears the door knob turning and he quickly leaps back
               into stride and walks away.  A visibly shaken Tammy emerges
               from Mr. Kinslow's office.

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Nathan walks back into the main office.  Henry Huffstutler
               is walking toward Nathan.  Sam Kwon pops up from behind his
               cubicle divider.

                         Hey, Huffstutler.

               Henry turns to Sam.


                         Could you drop this file on Tammy's
                         desk for me please.

                         Sure thing Sam.

               Nathan takes the file and holds it near his chest.  He passes
               Henry on his way to his desk.


               White flash.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET CORNER, DAY

               Lead in with Nathan's pov.  He sees Henry, dirty, unshaven
               and apparently homeless, stands on the corner holding a
               cardboard sign that reads "Hungry, broke, 2 children, please

               White flash.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Nathan snaps back and watches Henry as he walks down the
               hall.  Nathan continues walking and passes Sam, who leans
               out from behind his divider.

                         Hey, Nathan.

               Nathan turns toward Sam.

               White flash.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               EXT.  STREET, DAY

               Sam sits up in the passenger's seat of a luxury car.  He
               wipes his mouth and the driver tosses him $20.  Sam hops out
               and is dressed in full drag, tattered and torn.

                         Nathan, I really need some help.  I
                         can't relink the fucking supply

               White flash.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Nathan reels from vision.

                         And even if I could relink, we'd
                         only be running at half capacity.
                         So what do you think?  Can you give
                         me a hand with this or what?  I mean,
                         no hurry.  I got plenty of other
                         shit to do, but you know.  Whenever.


               Nathan is a bit shaken.

                         Sure Sam, I'll email you a step by

               Nathan continues toward his desk.  He sits and stares at his
               monitor and time passes.  Alice leans in on Nathan's monitor.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET, DAY

               Nathan is driving down the street and he stops at a red light.
               Alice starts washing his windshield.  She leans in the window
               and shakes a paper cup full of spare change at him.

                         Hey, Nathan, we got Sam's problem
                         fixed.  So don't sweat it...

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY


               Nathan snaps back to reality.  Alice is leaning over his
               monitor, waving her hand in his face.

                                     ALICE (CONT'D)
                         Nathan, you alright?

                         Yeah, Alice.  What were you saying?

                         Sam's taken care of.  Problem solved.
                         I just wanted you to know so you
                         didn't waste time emailing him the
                         step by step.

                         Oh, yeah.  Thanks Alice.

               Alice walks away, back to her desk.  The office workers
               continue to toil away.

               Nathan looks up from his monitor and, through the window he
               sees Mr. Kinslow exit the building.  Kinslow hops in his car
               and takes off, exiting the parking lot.  Tammy emerges from
               around the corner.  A stack of pink slips in her hand and
               she's crying.


               Tammy approaches Alice Jenkins, Nathan can't hear the
               exchange, but Tammy hands a pink slip to Alice and Alice .

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Alice killing Mr. Kinslow with an ax.

               needs work------lame.

               maybe she has something in her hand and she kills him w/ it
               in the vision -----letter opener?  stapler???

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Tammy walks up to Henry and hands him his pink slip.  He
               cries and covers his face.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Flash of Henry crying.  He uncovers his face and grabs  Mr.
               Kinslow's shoulders.  Sobbing, he grabs Mr. Kinslow by the

               maybe Harry leans in and hugs Tammy & that matches the cut
               to him strangling Kinslow 

                         Please, please... don't let me go...
                         please Mr. Kinslow...

               Henry grabs his tie and falls to his knees.

                                     HENRY (CONT'D)
                         Please Mr. Kinslow... I've got kids...
                         a wife...

               Henry starts choking Mr. Kinslow with his tie.

                                     HENRY (CONT'D)
                         You can't fire me, Mr Kinslow.

               Mr. Kinslow falls to his knees and Henry pulls tighter on
               the necktie.  Mr. Kinslow falls to the ground.  Red faced
               and still.  Henry is still crying.

                                     HENRY (CONT'D)
                         Please... I need this job.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Tammy stands before Sam as Sam reads the pink slip.

                         You gotta be shitting me.


                                     SAM (CONT'D)
                         No fucking way.  No fucking way!
                         You can't fucking fire me!

                                                                    CUT TO:


               Shots of Sam beating Mr. Kinslow to death with a golf club
               and yelling.

               maybe Sam is doing something that mimics the motion of a
               golf club and that's the transition to the Kinslow murder 

                         No fucking way!  You think you can
                         fucking fire me?!

               Mr. Kinslow tries to crawl away.  Sam follows him, beating
               him with the club.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. OFFICE, DAY

               Tammy approaches Nathan.  She accidentally drops the stack
               of pink slips.  She leans down and picks them up.  When she
               stands up, the background has changed.


               Tammy stands back up, pink slips in hand.  Nathan's POV as
               Tammy stands into frame and hands the pink slip to Nathan.
               Nathan lifts his gun and Tammy squeals and ducks.  Mr. Kinslow
               is sitting on his couch watching TV.  Nathan fires.

               White flash.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET, NIGHT

               Nathan sits in his car.  Thinking.  Hard.

               He opens the door and crosses the street.

               INT. LIQUOR STORE, NIGHT

               He pushes open the door to the liquor store and notices the
               Protected by Smith & Wesson sign hanging in the front door
               window.  He enters and heads for the whiskey isle.

                         Just the booze?  You need ice?  Cola?

               He sets down the bottle on the counter and lays down the
               cash for it.


                                     CLERK (CONT'D)
                         Just the booze, then.  Out to get
                         some serious shitfaced, huh?

               Nathan picks up his change and returns to his car.

               EXT. STREET, NIGHT

               Nathan sits in his car, drinking.

                                     HENRY (O.S.)
                         Think of my kids, Nathan.

               Nathan looks over to see Henry leaning in the passenger
               window, dirty and in his poverty clothes.

                                     HENRY (CONT'D)
                         My wife.  What will she think.  We
                         can't pay the bills on her wages.
                         Do it for me, Nathan.

               Nathan takes another slug from the bottle.  Henry is gone.

                                     ALICE (O.S.)
                         I know that jackass enjoyed every
                         minute of it.

               Nathan sees Alice standing outside of his driver's side

                                     ALICE (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         I see him drive by here every fucking
                         day.  His car all cleaned and waxed.
                         How do you think he pays for that?
                         With our wages, Nathan.  With our

               Alice disappears and time passes.

                                     SAM (O.S.)
                         Just fucking look at me, Nathan.

               Nathan looks in his rear view mirror and sees Sam all dressed
               up in drag.

                                     SAM (CONT'D)
                         I wear a fucking dress and suck dick
                         for twenty bucks a pop.  I fucking
                         suck dick, man.  Oh, Jesus...

               Sam starts moaning and crying.

                                     SAM (CONT'D)
                         I don't like sucking dick...  I'm
                         not even fucking gay...


               Sam continues to sob.  Nathan turns to look over the back
               seat and Sam is gone.

               Just then, Nathan sees his boss driving up.  He watches as
               Kinslow pulls into the parking garage to his condos.

               Nathan starts to breath heavy.  He takes one last gasp and
               digs the gun from his glove box.

               Nathan hops out of his car and puts the gun in his suit
               pocket.  He marches up to the building.

               INT. CONDO LOBBY, NIGHT

               Nathan walks up to the elevator and pushes the up button.


               The doors open, Nathan enters and pushes the 8 button.  He
               waits and rides, listening to soothing elevator music.

               The bell rings and the doors open and Nathan steps into the

               INT. CONDO HALLWAY, NIGHT

               Nathan starts walking down the hall and he sees Mr. Kinslow
               entering his room.  Nathan runs up to the room and sticks
               his foot the door and the jamb.  Nathan pushes the door back
               open as he pulls his pistol from his coat.  Nathan unloads a
               slug into Mr. Kinslow's back.

               Kinslow falls forward and against the wall.  Nathan shoots
               again, but misses as Kinslow scrambles around the corner.
               Nathan follows.  He rounds the corner to see that the hallway
               is empty.  Nathan turns into the kitchen and stumbles upon
               Kinslow holding a double barreled shotgun.

               Kinslow fires and nails Nathan in the crotch.  Nathan screams
               as he returns fire and hits Kinslow in the chest.  Kinslow
               is knocked back by the force of the impact and he empties
               his second barrel into the ceiling.  Nathan fires twice more
               and Kinslow falls to the ground.  Nathan falls to his knees
               and fires again hitting Kinslow in the chest.

               Nathan is loosing buckets of blood.  His head droops and he
               realizes that he is nearing the end.  He lifts his head and
               puts the barrel of his gun in his mouth.  He pulls the
               trigger.  The chamber is empty and the clicking of the hammer
               echoes through the room.

               The sizzling sounds of cooking flesh fills the air.  Nathan
               screams and yanks the gun from his mouth and grabs his swollen
               red lips.  He folds over, moaning in pain.



               Nathan's bloody hands paw at the numbered buttons.  He takes
               a swipe at the lobby button, but ends up smearing blood across
               the buttons for the fourth, third, second floor as well as
               the Lobby.  All the buttons light up.

               The doors open to the fourth floor and Harry stands swaying
               in the box, gun dangling from his near limo hand.  The doors
               quietly close.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               The doors open and Nathan bleeds and sways.  The doors close.

                                                                    CUT TO:


               The doors open and Nathan leans on the wall.  The doors close.

                                                                    CUT TO:

               INT. CONDO LOBBY, NIGHT

               The doors open and Nathan falls out and onto the floor.  A
               women on the pay phone freaks out.

                         Oh my God.

               She hangs up and dials 911.

               Nathan picks himself up and staggers across the lobby, leaving
               a trail of blood in his wake.  He stumbles out onto the street
               and rests on his car.  He looks up and remembers the Protected
               by Smith & Wesson sign on the Liquor Store door and makes
               his way across the street.

               Nathan enters the store yelling through his swollen lips.

                         Gimme the fuckin cash!  I got a fuckin

               The clerk freaks and pulls the big ass six shooter out from
               under the cash drawer and starts firing at Nathan.  Bottles
               of booze explode as the clerk unloads his gun without hitting

               The clerk clicks through several empty chambers before
               screaming like a girl and running out the back door.


               EXT. STREET, NIGHT

               Nathan falls into the side of his car, smearing blood all
               over it.  He opens the door and collapses in the seat.  He
               puts the gun on his lap and digs for his keys.

               He nods out and comes back to.  The keys are in the ignition
               and the car is running.  His foot has the gas pedal pinned
               to the floor and the engine is revving like mad.  He can
               hear someone yelling.  Nathan looks out the driver side window
               and sees a cop standing there with her gun drawn.  Her voice
               is muffled by the glass.

                         Put the gun down and get out of the

               Nathan looks at her, confused.  Then down at the gun, still
               in his hand.  He slowly picks up the gun as the woman's
               yelling becomes more intense.

                                     COP (CONT'D)
                         Sir, put the gun down or I will fire!!
                         Drop the gun!!

               Nathan slowly aims the gun at the cop and she fires.

               BANG!  The screen is covered in red.  The bang of the gun
               turns into the buzzing of the alarm clock.


               Pull back from a totally red screen to reveal the red digital
               numbers of the alarm clock.

               The clock reads: 7:39

               Nathan rolls over and swats at the alarm clock.  The buzzing
               stops and Nathan's wife SUZY rolls over and kisses his neck.
               She whispers in his ear.

                         Turn it off Honey.

                         One more snooze.

                         Turn it off and spend the day in bed
                         with me.

                         I wish I could, but there's been a
                         lot of tension down at work.

               Nathan sits up and rubs his face.


                                     NATHAN (CONT'D)
                         There are rumor of cutbacks.  People
                         are on edge.  You know how it is.

                         I know, but I wish we could spend
                         just one day in bed together.

               Nathan slides out of bed and goes through the morning rituals.
               Shower, shave, suit, loafers...

               Nathan opens a drawer and digs something out.  He steps over
               to the bed, leans over and kisses his wife goodbye, hiding
               something behind his back.  She holds his face and kisses
               him gently.

                                     SUZY (CONT'D)
                         I love you, Nathan.

                         I love you too.

               Suzy kisses him again and lets him slide out of her hands.
               He crosses the room and opens his briefcase.  Nathan drops
               his handgun into the briefcase.

                         Be careful.

               He snaps it shut.

               CUT TO RED.

                                                                   FADE OUT

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